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50ml / 1.7 oz

Super facelift in a bottle
Never undergo a surgical facelift again

Powered by (A.I) Artificial Intelligence

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Lift by ONLYSKIN is your first-non-surgical-face-lift anti-aging serum that gives you results better than surgical facelifts.

The new proprietary formula uses advanced (A.I) Artificial Intelligence technology that has a unique ability to ingeniously recognize and treat delicate areas of the skin that are experiencing the signs of aging.

The skin care treatment helps stimulate natural collagen production and strengthen skin connective tissues to reduce the appearance of droopy eyes, crow feet wrinkles, laugh lines, marionette lines and under eye fine lines and forehead wrinkles.

The unique formula is formulated with molecular Hydrogen Antioxidant that helps to fight against harmful free radicals and environmental pollutants that’s causing your skin to age.


Our formulations are updated from time to time as part of our commitment to innovation. As such, the ingredient list shown here may vary from the box of the product depending on time and region of purchase.


For a quick comparison, please apply product on just one side / half of your face or body to view results. Recommended to use on a daily basis for maintenance and after facials and / or aesthetic treatments for maximum effect.

Step 1.

Remove the cap and pump out 1-2 dollops on your finger.

Step 2.

Apply on the inner corners of the eye in an upwards motion.

Step 3.

Apply on the laugh line area in an upwards motion.

Step 4.

Apply on the jawline area to sculpt your face.

Step 5.

Use your finger tips and apply Lift Super Face Lift around your eye area in a rotating motion.

Step 6.

Apply above the eyebrow in an upwards motion.