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50ml / 1.7 oz

Get a slimmer looking face with just one spritz

Powered by (A.I) Artificial Intelligence

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Slim Instant Slim Face mist tighten and lift the skin with just a spritz.
Bio-engineered with Artificial Intelligence (A.I) technology to smart detect & treat skin cells that are not in optimal condition.
Proprietary molecular Hydrogen Antioxidant penetrates deep into skin to effectively replenish moisture levels & seal in a layer of hydration.
Regular application results in visible reduction of wrinkles & fine lines and skin’s fibroblast repair process is accelerated to attain improved skin elasticity.
A potent formula that treats sensitive and/or damaged skin by reducing inflammation with soothing properties.
Expect an immediate slimmer face upon application.
Suitable for use before and after makeup.


Our formulations are updated from time to time as part of our commitment to innovation. As such, the ingredient list shown here may vary from the box of the product depending on time and region of purchase.


For a quick comparison, please spray product on just one side / half of your face or body to view results.
Recommended to use on a daily basis for maintenance and after facials and / or aesthetic treatments for maximum effect.

Step 1.

Remove the cap and spray Slim Instant Slim Face from neckline down to shoulder area

Step 2.

Spray Slim Instant Slim Face on the jawline area to sculpt the face

Step 3.

Then spray on the temple area to the forehead.

Step 4.

Repeat Step 1 – Step 3 each time you want an instant glow.